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  • My upstairs neighbor is inviting me round again. What do you think: say yes?
  • So is she hot?
  • I'm hot!
  • Whoah, Kate, you're here too?
  • Hahaha :)))
  • Kate, if Teapot carries on being an idiot, invite me instead!

Scandal lets you communicate with people from all corners of the earth—and discuss the hottest topics in your neighborhood.

  • Anonymous conversation
    on the topics that matter
  • Hot gossip from
    your neighbors
  • No need to register or
    enter your personal data
  • Find new friends
    and like-minded people
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  • Earn karma
    and discover
    new opportunities

Find out what people around you are interested in

Each chat is a point on the map: as you move around, you'll always find something new. You can have a natter with your neighbors or your colleagues from the office, or hang out in a chat where the whole country's listening.

  • 270
    I want love like
    in the movies )))
    301m 3973
  • 99
    Confessions & Dating!!!
    524m 2781
  • 127
    Girls, let's talk
    about love…
    627m 1983

Use the power of karma

Karma is your power inside the chat. If you raise your karma level, you'll get new opportunities to express yourself. And wicked Purgatory is waiting with open arms for bad boys and girls.

  • So what have you got going on here, guys?
  • Oh just a little striptease...
  • I'd watch a striptease from you, Strawberry
  • No way, I've decided to be good and get out of here!
  • I've been bad as well, but I won't do it again.
  • Help me grow my karma, guys!

Enjoy anonymity

In chat you can wear different masks, chat to fun characters like a talking plunger or a nasty squirrel, and, of course, talk freely on the most intimate topics.

  • So I say to her "I'll be back..."
  • And what does she say?
  • Seems like she's happy enough. Next time I'll take her for a ride on the motorbike.
  • Girls always seem to run a mile from me, I don't know why....
  • Weird, I mean you look pretty good. Maybe they don't like the hat?

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